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Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece

Mykonos is a wonderful Cycladic island, worth visiting at any time of the year. However it is a must to enjoy the days of its summer glory, when it literally becomes an international village, when its community of believers make it a sight worth seeing, when one can experience the unique feeling that everything and everyone is in Mykonos. Surrounded by Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos, a small island stands out, globally renowned as one of the most popular tourism centres of the Mediterranean. However, despite its cosmopolitan character, Mykonos remains a beautiful and picturesque island, whose all-white Chore lies next to the sea, with golden beaches, friendly and smiling people, and a continuous link with history lasting for centuries. If you think you've seen someone that looks famous, then you're probably right. In Mykonos you'll sit right next to famous actors, singers, stars, TV personalities, top models. Yet, behind the glam, Mykonos is calm and wonderful - even in wintertime.

Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece
Must See
Village Ano Mera:  representing the traditionally Greek island side of Mykonos, it’s calm, authentic and picturesque, with the historic church of Panagia Tourliani as its main attraction.

Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece

Church Paraportiani: located at Chora, it is a well-known unique architectural complex of five chapels and also an icon of Mykonos. Museums in Chora: if you’ve had enough of partying and miss some sightseeing, why not pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum, the Aegean Maritime Museum and the Folklore Museum? It’s both educational and rewarding.

Products and Specialties
The Mykonos cuisine includes many varieties of pork dishes (with cabbage or wild greens, smoked pork, sausages) and wonderful recipes for fish and seafood: sea snail casserole or risotto, mackerel with capers, sea urchins in vinaigrette, clams, mussels. Well known is the spicy cheese pate, kopanisti, while fennel croquettes, garlic pasta, asparagus with eggs, and green fried tomatoes are also delicious dishes. Honey pie, pasteli and macaroons are the famous sweets of the island. Don't miss the chance to taste a cool soumada, a drink made using almonds. The wooden boats and windmills, the wonderful knitted and leather items — traditional products of Mykonos — will give you some idea of the souvenirs you can take back home.

Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece

Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece

Traditional and unique feasts despite the spectacular touristic development of the island, the people of Mykonos are still simple, cheerful and hospitable, and always make the time needed to maintain their traditions and customs, which is easy to understand for anyone who spends time with them. The feasts in Mykonos give entertainment a different dimension. On 6 January, "Balosia", a celebration to open the maritime period, takes place in Chora. On 30 June, the celebration of Agii Apostoli coincides with the celebration of fishermen, and a large feast is organized on the beach of Chora, where seafood is served. 26 July is the day of festivities celebrating Agia Paraskevi in Chora, 15 August is the celebration of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera. The traditional custom of pig slaughtering takes place in October accompanied by feasts and celebrations.

Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece


Hiking, Scuba diving, Horse Riding, Mini Golf.

Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece

Mykonos Yacht Charters in Greece

Sample Greece (Mykonos) Itinerary:


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Itinerary for a Leeward Island Yacht Charter

St. Martin, St. Barts, Anguilla, Saba, St. Kitts, Monserrat, Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda:
Arrive in Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. A Spectacular brunch on the aft deck is the ideal opportunity to review the itinerary and menus with the captain and chef. Enjoy a siesta on the upper deck as your yacht gently slips her lines and heads off to the quintessential French town of Marigot for a shopping spree in world-class shops and boutiques. Under a starlit sky, indulge in a sumptuous dinner on board or dine ashore at one of the many quaint Caribbean style restaurants.

Enjoy sightseeing at Market Square, the ruins of Fort St Louis or the Musee de Saint-Martin, which showcases the indigenous and colonial history of the island. Later a car and driver will take you to Grand Case, where cafes and bistros line the waterfront. As you sip a casual cocktail, your yacht slips into the bay and drops anchor.

Anguilla sports one chic beach after another. Snorkel off beautiful reefs in sight of sea turtles and shy rays. Sample the world-class resort of Cap Jaluca or Malliouhana and then relax in the seclusion of Mead’s or Barnes Bay. Enjoy a dinner cruise to the St Tropez of the Caribbean - St. Barts.

Port of Gustavia St Jean: CafĂ©’s, fine shops, exclusive wine stores, galleries and unique boutiques line this harbor. A regular hangout for celebrities, you might happen upon an impromptu concert by Jimmy Buffett at LeSelect. Nightlife abounds in St Barts, so pace yourself with a nap. Hotel Carl Gustaf offers stunning sunset views. Steam overnight to Saba or leave early AM.

Saba is only 5 square miles, but is definitely worth visiting. Take a taxi up to Mt Scenery. At a height of 2855ft, it’s 6 ½ miles of zigzag road. Enjoy views of banana plantations, oleander bushes and stunning ocean views. Visit the many little shops in the village surrounded by clover and lemon grass. Look out for Saba Lace and Spices. There is excellent diving around the deep waters. Enjoy dinner ashore or on the tranquility of the aft deck.

St Kitts: Positioned with her sister island Nevis, between Montserrat and St. Eustatius, St. Kitts' is an island of varied terrain from volcanic peaks covered with lush green vegetation (usually hidden by the huge mists that circle it), rolling sugar cane fields, to the arid, undeveloped southeast peninsula with sandy coves. Before heading out to view the island, which still maintains its French and British flavor, a trip around the capital will show the Circus, Independence Square, the market, St Georges Church and Caribelle Batik Factory. Enjoy a ride to see Brimstone Hill, a fort built in 1690 on the peak of a sulfuric prominence, known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies. The rain-forests are largely unspoiled and un-trampled (mostly due to their lack of developed roads.) Hike into nature at Mt. Liamuiga from either Harris or Belmont Estate. A guide is helpful for the trek through the orchid-flecked forest to the lip of the volcanic peak, at about 2,000 feet. Don’t forget to take in High Tea at the Golden Lemon. Time to steam off to Nevis.

Nevis: From the top of the 3,232-foot Nevis Peak to the depths of the clear waters offshore, there is a world of flora and fauna to be explored. In the hills, the comical green vervet monkeys chatter and scamper. Visit the beautiful botanical gardens or the wedding site of Horatio Nelson. This island jewel is approximately 7 miles long and 5 miles wide, with natural vegetation that is unparalleled.

Montserrat, coined the "Emerald Isle of the Caribbean" by Columbus because of its lush mountainous landscape, is a British Crown Colony today, populated by English-speaking citizens of Irish heritage. The eruption of Soufriere Hills Volcano in the south of the island has led to the evacuation and relocation of residents beyond the Exclusion Zone.

This part of Montserrat is dangerous and is also illegal to enter. However, closely steaming by can provide a very interesting glimpse of recent volcanic action and lava flows.

Antigua: Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbor is probably the prettiest piece of living history in the Caribbean today. Once the base for Admiral Horatio Nelson’s fleet in the 18th Century, it is now a busy destination for super yachts and cruisers alike. Visit the many shops and museums in the dockyard.

Anchor at Green Island and take the launch ashore to the beautiful Harmony Hall for Lunch and a visit to their Art Gallery and gift store. A visit up to Shirley Heights is a must; the views of Monseratt and Guadeloupe on a clear day are spectacular. A traditional "Jump up" with steel bands is the favorite entertainment for Sunday afternoons. For those who enjoy a little casino nightlife, take a taxi to St James Club.

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Windward Islands Yacht Charter

Located on the southern end of the Caribbean chain, the Windward Islands are the Caribbean's best-kept yacht charter secret. These lush and richly tropical volcanic islands are a little piece of France, floating among the palm lined sandy beaches and misty rain forests of the Caribbean. The Windward Islands yacht charter area runs from Dominica in the north, to Grenada in the south. The Windward Islands also include the islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados.

Of volcanic origin, the islands are generally rugged, mountainous, and well forested, and they have many streams and lakes. With an equable climate, ample rainfall, and rich soil, they produce a variety of tropical agricultural crops for export, including bananas, spices, limes, and cacao. The deep and sheltered harbors encourage considerable inter-island commerce. Fort-de-France, on Martinique, and Castries, on Saint Lucia, are the islands' chief cities. The islands are largely inhabited by descendants of Africans, who were brought as slaves during the colonial period. The culture varies from island to island, but the French influence is particularly strong.

This jewel area of the Caribbean hosts yacht charters year-round, with a rainy season from July through October. From its distinctive cuisine to its language, The Windward Islands exude the ambiance of Paris with the warmth, friendliness and spice of the West Indies.

Luxury charter yachts ply from island to island in the Grenadines, pampering their yacht charter guests while they sail between quiet villages on unspoiled islands to countless secluded beaches. Just south of St. Vincent, charter yachts can visit enchanting Bequia, the largest island of the Grenadines. A must stop within easy cruising distance for sailing yacht or motor yacht charters is the spectacular anchorage area in the Tobago Cays.

Popular Windward Islands:

Full of rugged natural beauty, black volcanic sand beaches with excellent diving, good access by plane to start or finish your yacht charter

Accessible only by boat, native craftsmen handcraft colorful small working boats as well as much smaller ships' models

Hideaway for the rich and famous.

Tobago Cays
Spectacular cluster of uninhabited cays with excellent diving. Many secure anchorages lie within its colorful reefs with nothing but ocean between you and Africa!

Southern end of the Windward Islands. Its airport provides easy USA and international access.

 As with most of the Caribbean, the Windward Islands yacht charter season runs from November through July. The primary high season is from mid-December to March, when the winter escapees from North America and Europe arrive in their greatest numbers. The hurricane season is from late July to early October. Although hurricanes are generally rare, this is the least expensive time for Windward Island yacht charters and there are some really good deals available. However, as well as running the risk of storms, this time of year also tends to have lighter (or non-existent) winds. Winds are higher and more constant in the Windward Islands than in other areas of the Caribbean, making this area more favored for sailing yacht charters than motor yacht charters.

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