Thursday, 10 November 2016

Turkey Itinerary : Fethiye - Marmaris

Day 1: After boarding the yacht you will be greeted by our professional crew. Overnight and dinner in the harbour of Fethiye. In the evening you can visit the lovely old city of Fethiye.

Day 2: After the breakfast you will begin cruising to the Göcek bays. Lunch in Jassica Islands. Enjoy swimming in a crystal clear water. Dinner and overnight in Sarsala.

Day 3: After breakfast your captain will take to to Göcek to visit the small and beautiful town. Lunch at Tersane bay. Dinner and overnight at Aga Liman.

Day 4: After breakfast you will cruising to Ekincik. Here you may rent a fisherman`s boat that will take you to the Dalyan River, visiting Lycian tombs, the mud baths and the ancient port of Caunos. The way back you can see also the Turtle beach. Overnight in Ekincik.

Day 5: After breakfast at Ekincik cruise to Kardirga, where you will stop to enjoy lunch and swimming. In the afternoon cruise to Marmaris. You can visit the town of Marmaris. Dinner and overnight in Marmaris.

Day 6: After breakfast cruise to the Göcek Islands. Your captain will take you to the most beautiful lagoons Bedri Rahmi and Batik Hamam. Dinner and overnight on a beautiful bay in Göcek.

Day 7: After Breakfast cruise sailing between the Twelf Islands. In the afternoon cruise to Kizilada and back toward to Fethiye harbour.

Day 8: After having breakfast in Fethiye you will leave the yacht with best whishes to see you again.

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