Monday, 4 September 2017

Exceptional Yacht Charters in the BVI

Today, the BVI (British Virgin Islands) are as popular with yachties as they once were with the Caribbean pirates of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and for many of the same reasons. Sailors are spoilt by the vast choice of hidden bays and sheltered coves and with safe anchorages and, with most places only accessible from the sea, a yacht is essential. The BVI's tiny population of 19,000 is spread around only 15 of the islands, leaving the rest uninhabited and untouched by industry. A coral island which lies about 15 miles to the north east of the main archipelago, the rest were once volcanic; the result is a varied and often dramatic landscape with many unusual rock formations and caves with the exception of Anegada.

BVI Yacht charters have risen greatly in popularity as a holiday activity and add to the excitement of a sunshine that is perfect.

There are two types of yacht charters:

Crewed Charters
A charter that is crewed provided with an experienced crew to sail the yacht for you and provide other services like cooking, cleaning and serving the guests. The size of the crew depends on the size of the yacht but will include a skipper, a chef and a hostess to make your stay on the yacht as pleasurable as possible.

Bareboat Charters
This is the perfect option if you are an experienced sailor, or someone else in the family is a skipper that is qualified. This option gives you complete freedom you want and when you feel like it as you can explore the destinations. It is a much cheaper option than a charter that is crewed gives you much more flexibility to do what you like.

Tortola, BVI

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